Goodbye Tony Robbins- I do not support MLM/Network Marketing endorsers.

With a heavy heart, I am saying goodbye to Tony Robbin’s today… Well, ok.. my heart isn’t that heavy, but I am disappointed. I will admit I am really late to the game on this one.

Recently I have become interested in the parallels of Cults and Multi-Level Marketing/ Network Marketing / Direct selling.. whatever you want to call it… Pyramid schemes narrowly skating by with overpriced products is what they are. If you are new to this subject please watch this informative and entertaining video on what exactly an MLM is and why it is not only stupid but dangerous, and how it can  is negatively affecting and ruining the lives and relationships of so many people in the United States and has quickly spread like an infectious disease all over the world.

I am not neutral on this topic, I am vehemently anti MLM and I put those who choose Multi-level marketing as a business structure in the same class as the Ponzi scheme fraudsters who are out to steal your grandma’s life savings with promises to invest and grow it for a more comfortable retirement but buy a new Lambo instead, leaving poor old granny high and dry penniless and having to go back to work at 80 years old. Is that an overreaction? Nope!

Back to Tony. Oh, Tony Tony Tony. I really liked you, I did. I wanted you to be the gentle giant who wasn’t just out for people’s money but genuinely wanted to help people. Why did I think that? How could I have been so silly? Likely for the same reasons so many people get sucked into the dream MLM companies sell. Tony had the answers, he has helped me through some tough times thinking “is this really my life?” His voice pouring into my ear canal, my brain soaking up that vocal gold like a sponge lifting my spirits and my butt off the sofa.

So as a Tony Robbins fan, and being aware that a big part of the MLM culture and the manipulation tactics used are personal development based (If you don’t know anything about the culture or history of MLM’s it is a very interesting, dark topic and a rabbit hole worth going down if you are interested.) Personal development is a huge part of the MLM culture. Positive thinking, changing your self-talk/inner thoughts, shift your perspective to change your life, dream big, visualize success, etc. all these ideas, and personal development, in general, are great for regular life but when wrapped around a “business opportunity” the “No stinkin’ thinkin’, if you are not successful in this extremely simple to win in business it’s your fault” kind of manipulative talk can become dark quickly.

I just read a few stories from people on Reddit who recently left the mega MLM, Amway, their family members and/or significant others were still involved and their upline or Amway mentors expressed that it might not be a good idea to hang around with the “quitter” too often anymore because they were a negative thinker and bad influence.

What other legit company would ask you to separate from your family member or significant other because they decided to pursue other career avenues? Do you see why I was researching MLM Cult behaviors when I fell down this Tony Robbins rabbit hole? It’s purely bizarre.

So I searched “Tony Robbins and MLM” Ugh I was so disappointed to find at the top of the search results a video from 2015 where Tony and this total cheeseball Eric Worre “Network marketing pro” the video Titled “The power of network Marketing” … BARF!!!! Oh my god, I almost cried. Don’t worry I didn’t, Instead, I took a breath, watched 10 minutes of the video and couldn’t watch a second more. I decided, Tony, I’m breaking up with you.

This is what I found on  under “Network Marketing?” It’s true, he wasn’t just doing a favor for a friend by participating in that video, he really is a shill for this garbage. I wish it weren’t so.


Do you want to become your own boss, work flexible hours and make money? Of course you do. One way to get to this stage in your professional life is via network marketing. It can be a great fit for those with an entrepreneurial mindset. Network marketing gives you all the benefits of being a business owner without all the headaches and level of risk. “

I had hoped when I typed “Tony Robbins and MLM” there would be videos of him delivering a message “WARNING THIS IS DANGEROUS AND YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED AS 99% OF PEOPLE WHO TRY DO NOT MAKE MONEY AND MOST OFTEN LOSE MONEY” because that is what a responsible, truly altruistic person who had the best interest of his following at heart… but why would I think that!? Duh!!

Jim Rohn was Tony’s Mentor, the dude who showed Tony the way to his success in the first place was once a distributor for the MLM AbundaVita in 1955. In 1957 he left that company (I’m gonna make a guess here that poor Jim Rohn joined AbundaVita too late and not being in the top tiers of the pyramid leave zero opportunity for success) and joined J. Earl Shoaff, the founder of an MLM called Nutri-bio. Shoaff, who held a “laws of success” type of personal development philosophy mentored Jim Rohn, soon after the mentorship ended Jim became the vice president of Nuti-Bio.

So, I’m finding out that some of our favorite Personal development/Self-help guru Daddies were all drinking this MLM cult kool-aid… I haven’t even begun to look into Network marketing/MLM + Steven Covey, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill or god forbid the stoics.. maybe even Christ himself since the Bible is arguably the first and most popular self-help books ever written! 

Anyway, here is an interesting quote from a magazine article written in 1962 titled The rosy world of Nutri-bio, where the author of the article questioned the invention of a new need for an unnecessary nutritional supplement and the wild claims that it could cure any ailment under the sun and the network marketing structure of the business. Read the full article here


There are two important reasons for the meteoric rise of Nutri-Bio. One is the razzledazzle marketing scheme, which has been likened to the chain letter get-rich-quick system. The other is an intensive training program, which takes ordinary people and converts them into high-pressure positive thinkers with the zeal of missionaries out to convert the heathen.”

“RazzaleDazzle marketing scheme” haha, I love that.

Here is my question for Tony. How can you justify endorsing Network marketing/MLM’s when you are trying to feed 1 billion families? Many of the families you are trying to feed are the targets of these awful predatory businesses. The numbers do not lie, It is next to impossible if you are not in the top 1% of an MLM to make anywhere near a full-time wage if anything at all, and most families involved in an MLM LOSE money. Tony, just fucking warn people not to lose money they don’t have by not joining these businesses, give them proper advice and you can help families feed themselves!!!!!!!

Most of these businesses do not disclose their income statements, and when they do, they are unclear and give only a small glimpse into what is really going on. They are shady, they have confusing language in the compensation structures, the products are mostly stupid and no one really wants them yet they are almost always extremely overpriced compared to the comparable products on store shelves. Network Marketing is not entrepreneurship. I do not know how those two things got mixed. The distributors are not real business owners, they are salespeople and team builders for a company that does not pay them. MLM’s destroy families, marriages, friendships and create debt. That is no one’s dream!

I beg you, do not support MLM’s or their endorsers. Do not get involved in an MLM. They are bad for our society, culture, capitalism, America and the world. PERIOD.

ok rant over. for now.