15 best campy Halloween movies

If you are looking for movies that will move you with superb acting, beautiful cinematography, and a story that provokes deep thinking… this list isn’t for you. In fact, most of,… maybe even all the movies on this list have none of those elements. But that’s what makes them so fun to watch, and they really get me into the Halloween spirit! So ignore IMDB scores, throw out those rotten tomatoes and let your hair down for these silly, campy, scary halloween movies! I will add links for full movie if I can, you’re welcome! xoxo

If you are a regular horror flick watcher, and you have a Netflix account, you have probably scrolled past this pretty face a few times. Watch it, It’s really good, and actually pretty scary. It made me afraid of the dark for the first time in a long time! If you loved the movie , IT, …. This one is nothing like it… and far more terrifying. I promise.

Creepshow 1 & 2
I have been a big fan of Stephen King for as long as I remember, and it all started with Creepshow.

Creepshow 2  Click here to watch the full movie on Youtube..

All Hallows’ Eve 1 & 2
Another good Horror Anthology. I’ll admit, not nearly as good as Creepshow, but the birth of my favorite clown from Terrifier so I’m putting it up here along with All Hallows Eve 2.

Watch the full All Hallows’ Eve movie here

The Void
This movie surprised me. I went into it with no expectations, and maybe you should too… I’ll provide the trailer, but maybe skip it and go into The Void blindly. You’ll thank me later.

Available on Netflix.

Satan’s Little Helper
I got a kick out of this one. I think I put it on for background noise while I was doing stuff around the house, but ended up getting sucked into this movie. It’s definitely silly and cheesy but I thought it was great and is now a Halloween movie staple for me. I’m not even going to add a trailer because its so dumb you’ll probably hate it. Just watch it, it’ll be fun.


Click here to watch the full movie (with commercials)

Or click here to watch free with Amazon Prime

This movie not only fits this Halloween horror flick list, its also fitting for the time. watch it, and you’ll see what I mean… a little bit of a “Fuck You!!” to rapists.

Available on Netflix

Obviously. …..but only the first one.


Available for .99 cents on Amazon


Sinister 2
I liked the first sinister, I thought it was kind of lame, but didn’t hate it. But again, its the ones you have zero expectations for that end up surprising you. Sinister 2 is one of those and it’s a new Halloween fave.

Pet Cemetery
I am so excited for the remake of this movie coming April 2019!!

The ending gets me EVERY time!!



If you like Tales from the Crypt, this movie is kind of like a long version of one of the stories. It’s weird and kind of silly but will also make you cringe. It’s worth a watch!

Available on Netflix.

Thanks for scrolling, If you only choose a few from this list make them Terrifier, Creepshow, and The void. xoxoxoxox